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About Us

The business was developed out of the understanding that the most successful businesses are the ones that have the least computer system downtime. Our unique professional 24 hour on call service is able to ensure that your business downtime is minimised as much as possible.

The business is highly customer focused and all contracted work is owner managed. The success of the business is based on our superior customer service and never compromising attitude towards our quality and ethical standards.ACTEQ offers technical support to all domestic and small office environments. We offer hardware and software installations, setup, maintenance and support.

Our Promise

We manage incidents or problems within a business computer and network infrastructure, software setup and support processes, to provide the required technical guidance, software support and comprehensive troubleshooting on a priority basis.

Our Service

Your business is in technically equipped hands with ACTEQ on the job. Our 24 x 7 service ensure our professional IT team is always available on call, to quickly minimize the impact of business interruptions to ensure a swift return to normal operations. ACTEQ currently offers the following core services:

|Hardware Maintenance

|Services Managed Infrastructure

|Support Software Maintenance Services

|Website Design and Maintenance

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