Digital Coupling

The human being are a close contact animal. We are designed to live in groups, for safety and survival, love, progress and the feeling of belonging. Without human contact survival of the human race is at risk. To create humans, the tried and tested method of contact is still the human thing to do. This is what human beings were designed for, to be a factory for other human. Irrespective of your belief system, as humans we have evolved from what we were back then to what we are today. It may be argued that we became what we are through our own doing not discounting other external factors which played a part in shaping our reality as it is today.

Travelling used to take years by moving from one place to another just to do business or see another place. At the time, it was the only way to do things. A patch of land used to feed family. Excess food from the land was exchanged with others for a different type of food. Agriculture was born. It was impossible, as it is today, to create everything that we needed to survive. Trading was born to exchange what one person had with what they needed from another person. This used to happen face to face, which created communities trading with each other. Now it can be done online and a drone will even deliver what you bought right to your door.


Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution: The Digital Age

How we continues to interact as humans when faced with virus with abilities to wipe out mankind depends on our ability to evolve, adapt and be creative. All the revolutions which happened before, was leading to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (#fir), the digital revolution, or as I call it the “Forced Uncoupling of Man, (#forum). What is happening is simply another form revolution which is forcing humans to adapt to a new way of doing things. Technology is playing a vital role of creating capabilities which will facilitate the “Digital Coupling, (#digicoup). If you searched for today’s jobs that will become obsolete soon it becomes evident  that most are those that involve human interactions. These are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augmented Intelligence as it is now referred. Technology is augmentation with Humans in collaboration. 

How prepared are we for this transformation from #forum to #digicoup. It caught us by surprise. We went from teaching our kids in classes to looking at computer screen. Technology has been advancing at a slow pace due to adoption. An increase in demand has put stress on these systems and that is why they are failing. Not because they are not adequate but because a flood on demand did not give time for companies to increase capacity at the same pace. As we see more and more people working from home, more and more of these service will remain in high demand. We need to still hold meetings, teach our kids, transact and trade. Infrastructure is at the core of any of these system. We do this by adapting to the current technology available. FaceTime©, Skype© , Zoom© , WhatsApp©  and Microsoft Teams© are the new boardrooms, dating sites and classrooms. People are conducting their meeting on these platforms and more. Internet connectivity is the mode of transport and infrastructure and the computer networks that were enabling this interaction. And finally the human factor is the last piece of the puzzle.

The future has become the present. We no longer need to prepare for tomorrow when tomorrow is already here.

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